"Tiny Spirit"
There’s a tiny spirit missing from our home.
Now that our kitty has the universe to roam.
A quiet presence always felt but now unseen.
Except for the tiny dish of nightly cream!
Catnip toys and lots of kitty things!
Her soft meow an echo still.
No litter box we have to fill.
A soft sweet body lies in the hill
With springtime tulips
And the song of Whip-Poor-Wills.
A little light no longer lit.
Her black shadow no longer flits
In the sunlight spot on bedroom floor.
Nor is she curled up tightly on the bed
Next to her bowl where she was fed.
She was a matchmaker – did you know?
When Jim and Linda met by waters blue
Their friendship was shy and new.
Samantha purred in Linda’s ear...
“He’s a keeper. Do not fear!”
She didn’t bat an eye in places new
From Michigan, Ohio and Florida too
Samantha never missed a beat.
In Florida she loved the sun and heat.
With just one look she’d stop the dogs
They would lie down like great big logs!
Meow. Meow. “It’s time for my treat”
She’d often purr at Daddy Jim’s feet
And run ahead toward her dish
A spoiled but loving little Princess!
When old and sick and feeble too
We made a low bed soft and new
Pampered, loved and catered to.
But the angel chorus called soft and low
Before the first cold winter’s snow.

We stroked her chin and called her name.
She stirred and purred though she was lame
Then turned her head toward the door
She heard the angel chorus roar!
But before she left on her new ride
She gave one last breath at 1:55.
Magical numbers for Linda and Jim
Numbers special between only them!
A tiny spirit is missing from our home
Has now the entire universe to roam!
Blinking black sparkles in the night
Samantha, we'd love to hold you tight
But we set you free toward the light!

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